Happy Tails Dog Packs

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Colors & Sizes


We offer 13 different color combinations. Click below to view them.

  • Dog packs: Royal blue with yellow
    Royal Blue
  • Dog packs: Purple with yellow
    Purple w/Yellow
  • Dog packs: Black with orange
    Black w/Orange
  • Green with yellow
    Green w/Yellow
  • Dog packs: Red with black
    Red w/Black
  • Dog packs: Hot Pink with black
    Hot Pink w/Black
  • Dog packs: Navy Blue with yellow
    Navy Blue w/Yellow
  • Dog packs: Blue Jean with white
    Blue Jean w/White
  • Dog packs: Black with white
    Black w/White
  • Dog packs: Black with silver
    Black w/Silver
  • Dog packs: Black with brown
    Black w/Brown
  • Dog packs: Turquoise with white
    Turquoise w/White
  • Dog packs: Orange with black
    Orange w/Black


Dog wearning green pack Dog packs: Click to view slideshow


View slideshow of dogs wearing Regular Packs.


We have tried to accommodate all dog sizes. Therefore, we offer 6 sizes:

Fits approximately 5-10 pound dog; girth 11-14 inches; pack length: 8 inches head-to-tail, 12 inches side-to-side.

Fits approximately 8-15 pound dog; girth 13-22 inches; pack length: 10 inches head-to-tail, 13 inches side-to-side.

Fits approximately 15-40 pound dog; girth 15-26 inches; pack length: 12.5 inches head-to-tail, 17.5 inches side-to-side.

Fits approximately 25-60 pound dog; girth 21-38 inches; pack length: 14.75 inches head-to-tail, 23.5 inches side-to-side.

Fits approximately 55-90 pound dog; 2 belly straps: first girth 23-46 inches, second girth near waist 22-39 inches; pack length: 17 inches head-to-tail, 25.5 inches side-to-side.

Extra Large
Fits approximately 90-150 pound dog; 2 belly straps: first girth 27-43 inches; second girth near waist 25-40 inches; pack length: 19 inches head-to-tail, 32 inches side-to-side.

All of our Specialty Packs come in the same sizes as above. View our Specialty Packs.