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Specialty Packs

Aside from our regular packs, we offer Specialty Packs for that extra-special dog. Each Specialty Pack has a theme and is hand-crafted to give your dog a unique look. The costs of these packs are added to the base price of the pack size you choose. Like our regular packs, you have the option to add your dog's name to Specialty Packs and/or add a buttonhole to accommodate a harness. Note: color pattern varies for Tie Dye Pack.

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  • Dog pack: Camo Pack
  • Dog pack: Baby Pack
  • Dog pack: Beach Pack
  • Dog pack: Patriotic 1 Pack
    Patriotic 1
  • Dog pack: Six Pack
    Six Pack
  • Dog pack: Patriotic 2 Pack
    Patriotic 2
  • Dog packs: Tie Dye Pack
    Tie Dye
  • Dog pack: Fireworks Pack
  • Dog pack: Christmas Pack
  • Dog pack: Princess Pack
  • Dog pack: Spike Pack



Dog pack: Camo Pack Dog pack: Baby Pack Dog pack: Beach Pack
Dog pack: Patriotic 1 Pack Dog pack: Six Pack Dog pack: Patriotic 2 Pack
Dog pack: Tie Dye Pack Dog pack: Christmas Pack
Dog pack: Princess Pack Dog pack: Spike Pack